Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dragon Tails Show @ Monkeyhouse Toys (updated)

 Yesterday was the opening reception for Monkeyhouse Toys' "Dragon Tails : Celebrating the New Lunar Year." It was fun talking to different artists and listening to their approach in creating a piece. My only regret is that I should have taken more pictures...then again, if you're around the neighborhood you should definitely check it out!

 I made two pieces for the show; the piece with the red background is "Mr. Whiskers", it's 12x12 inches painted with acrylics *SOLD* . The piece with the black background is "Mr. Whiskers Jr.", it's 8x8 inches, again painted with  acrylics. Both items are for sales, check out Monkeyhouses' website later this week for all the details!


aldo said...

Wow oscar your art is looking even better than before . how much for the blue one.

your budd, Aldo

Oscar Rosales said...

Hey, What's up bro!? Nice to hear from you! The blue dragon was $150, it sold. I still have the red dragon, send me an email if your interested or just to chat. Keep in touch!!!