Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sketches and concepts

Definitely not my best work, but these drawings (talking mostly about the top drawing) are valuable; not because they're good, but because they are just concept drawings. On the concept stage you have the freedom to mess around without the fear of seeing what comes out. You just take your pencil and draw! Who cares how it looks. In my case, I'm trying to design the antagonist for my story, I have no idea what the end result or the final look will be, I just know that this concept stage will help me reach my goal. Getting rid of these "bad drawings" in the beginning will payoff in the end...I love the concept stage!

Agree? Disagree? Does my little rant even make any sense??? Let me know your thoughts...

Take care :)


Gio M. said...

Well, I think their cool. great blog..

Dennis Cornetta said...

Awesome designs :D