Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Half a trash can

Hello there! I was bored yesterday, so I went out and cruised around ; something I like to do when I have nothing to do or looking for inspiration. I was around Lake Hollywood and to my surprise there was no one hardly there, so I decided to bust out my camera and take some pics. I had never taken "360" pictures before, so I took the opportunity and was pretty pleased with the results. I think I was a picture or two away from this truly being "360" but you get the point.

Just for some comic relief, decided to add Stinky in the picture. It's fun dropping him in random pictures of places I've visited. I'll be doing more in the future. I think that's it for today, take care everyone!

Update : I noticed you couldn't read Stinky's bubble, so I added another picture. Another thing...too bad you can't see the pictures in all their glory...

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